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Footer Tag

The Footer tag adds footer information such as page numbers, the current date, and the current time.


You might, for example, always want the text Thank you for your business! to appear on the bottom of your receipts. If so, you can include this text in a Footer tag.

The Footer tag can be specified anywhere in the template file; however, it will always appear at the very bottom of your document. Only one Footer tag is applied to the document. If you have multiple Footer tags in the file, only the last Footer tag is used; any other Footer tags are ignored.

If you include a Footer tag in your template, then you must set the BottomMargin in setup.ini to a minimum of 20.

The footer has three sections, Left, Center, and Right, which are used to position the information in the footer.

The text in the footer is formatted in 10 point, Helvetica font. If Helvetica is not available on your system, the default font is used. You cannot customize text formatting of the Footer tag. The Format tag does not affect the formatting of the footer.


To use this tag, use the following syntax:

<TAG:Footer left="DATA" center="DATA" right="DATA">



(Required) Footer tag indicator.

left, center, or right

(Optional) Static text or one of the following data tags:


Data tag




Page number



Date of the printing



Time of the printing


<TAG:Footer Left="<date>" Right="<page>"

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