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Providing Synchronization Security with Secure Sockets Layer

The synchronization data stream can be secured using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). To employ SSL security:

  • Make sure that a certificate has been created and installed on all Web Servers that service synchronization in Handheld applications.

Use the following steps to install the root certificate on each handheld device.

NOTE:  PPC 2002 and PPC 2003 do not have a hosts file similar to the Windows Operation System (for example, C:\WINNT\system32\drivers\etc\hosts.file), where you can set up mappings for the IP address and host name.

To install the root certificate on the handheld device running PPC 2003 or newer

  1. Navigate to the certificate authority server from your desktop computer.
  2. Select the first option (retrieve the CA certificate or certificate revocation list), and click Next.
  3. Click on Download CA certificate.
  4. Click Save, and save as certca.cer on your desktop.
  5. Use ActiveSync to copy the downloaded certificate, certca.cer, from the desktop to the My Documents folder on the handheld device.

    NOTE:  Make sure the certca.cer file is copied into the My Documents folder.

  6. Go to My Documents and tap the certificate icon.

    The certificate must be installed. You can validate it by going to Settings > System > Certificate.

  7. Click the Root tab.

    The new certificate is displayed on the list.

  8. Open a browser, and run the following command, substituting the appropriate server name, application name, UserName and Password.

    https://<SERVERNAME>/<APPLICATION NAME>/start.swe?SWEExtSource=siebelpda&SWEExtCmd=ExecuteLogin&UserName=<USER LOGIN>&Password=<PASSWORD>

  9. When a dialog box appears, click Yes.

To complete root certificate installation on PPC 2002 device

  1. From a Web browser, navigate to the Microsoft Web site and download and launch the following executable file:


  2. Double-click to open the executable file.

    A list of certificates appears.

  3. Select certca.cer.

    Information for the certca.cer Certificate appears.

  4. Click Install Certificate.
  5. Following successful installation, click OK.
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