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Creating Handheld Application Upgrade Kits for Companion Synchronization PDA

This task is a step in Process of Installing the Siebel Handheld Application.

NOTE:  This step is optional. Additionally, you must have a license for Siebel Anywhere to distribute patches to users.

You can use Siebel Anywhere upgrade kits to remotely distribute self-extracting zip files to your users' PCs. You can use self-extracting zip files to create new directories and immediately extract files into the directories. Create one upgrade kit for each of the following:

  • Create the Siebel Mobile Web Client upgrade kit (Siebel Client Revisions).

    Navigate to the Siebel image location for the current software version such as D:/Siebel_Install_Image/, and then navigate to the patch directory. Configure the zip file to self-extract in the Siebel Root\client\BIN directory on the user's Mobile Web Client.

  • Create the Siebel Handheld application upgrade kit (Siebel Client Revisions).

    Create a self-extracting zip file that includes the files in the Siebel Root\SWEApp\cepatch directory on the server. Configure the zip file to self-extract in the \client\cepatch directory on the user's Mobile Web Client.

  • Create any other upgrade kits as needed (for example, the Siebel Customer Repository File).

See Siebel Anywhere Administration Guide for detailed information on creating upgrade kits.

NOTE:  If there are read-only files on the Mobile Web Client, the user might need to change the file attributes to read-write before receiving and installing the upgrade kits. For help with the list of files whose attributes need to be changed, create a service request (SR) on My Oracle Support. You can use Siebel Anywhere to distribute a batch script that makes this change.

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