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GetField Tag

The GetField tag returns the value of the first record (in the first row of selected rows) in a specified column and assigns the result to a variable.


Use the GetField tag to print a value without developing a print applet. Design the query and sort strings so that the desired record is the first record in the selected rows (or column).

GetField only allows you to obtain the value in the first record.


To use this tag, use the following syntax:

<TAG:GetField appletName="APPLET NAME" fieldname="FIELD NAME" query="QUERY STRING" sort="SORT STRING" variable="VARIABLE NAME">



(Required) Required tag indicator.


(Required) Name of the applet.


(Required) Name of the field or column.


(Optional) Search specification for the rows to be included in the total. If not specified, the current search specification is used.


(Optional) Sort specification. If not specified, the current sort specification is used.

The syntax is: Field Name [ASC][DESC]. The default is ASC (Ascending).

For example: Sort="Account DESC, Date". In the example, the Account field is sorted in descending order, then the date field is sorted in ascending order.


(Required) Name of variable where the value is stored.


<TAG:GetField appletname="CS HH Product Bucket List Applet" fieldname="Quantity" variable="ProdBucketListField">

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