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Entering Information for the Store-and-Forward Messaging Application

You must enter certain required Store-and-Forward application information in the Store-and-Forward Applications administration screen.

To enter Store-and-Forward Messaging application information

  1. Log into a Siebel Web Client application as a system administrator.
  2. Navigate to Administration - Store-and-Forward > Store-and-Forward Applications.
  3. Select the application for which you would like Store-and-Forward Messaging enabled.

    For example, Siebel Service for CE, which is the Siebel Service Handheld application.

  4. Enter the Inbound Queue Name for the application.

    This name should also be set in the Siebel Handheld application's registry during its installation. Typically, this value is InboundQ.

  5. In the Queue Info field, enter the SMQReceiver Subsystem parameter.

    For example, SmqReceiverSubsys.

  6. Save the record.
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