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Optional Step: Configuring Store-and-Forward Messaging Workflows

Siebel Store-and-Forward Messaging provides multiple preconfigured workflows. The typical preconfigured workflows are as follows:

  • SMQ Process User Queue, an inbound workflow
  • SMQ Outbound Activity to Primary Owned By, an outbound workflow
  • SMQ Outbound Activity to One Recipient, an outbound workflow
  • SMQ Outbound Activity to Team, an outbound workflow
  • SMQ Delete Old Message History
  • SMQ SMS Outbound to one recipient
  • SMQ PreDelete FS Invoice Record
  • SMQ Delete FS Invoice Record
  • SMQ Outbound Delete in Action Business Object

You can configure these workflows to meet specific business requirements. For more information on Store-and-Forward Messaging preconfigured workflows, see Siebel Store-and-Forward Messaging Sample Workflows.

CAUTION:  Store-and-Forward Messaging-related workflows use the SMQ Message Service and SMQ Transport Service business services for communication with the MQe server. Both business services are based on Java. Consequently, all servers that host workflows must have Java installed. If a Store-and-Forward Messaging-related workflow runs on a server where Java is not installed, the call to the workflow business service generates an error and the operation fails.

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