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Adding Call Reports (End User)

End users add call reports to create a record of meetings and other conversations with clients, organizations, and individuals.

To add a call report

  1. Navigate to the Call Reports screen, then the Call Report List view.
  2. In the Call Report form, add a record and complete the necessary fields.

    Some fields are described in the following table.


    Associated Activity

    The activity that is the subject of the call report; each call report can have only one associated activity. Selection of the associated activity is governed by the following constraints if those fields are populated:

    • Same Company ID
    • Same Primary Opportunity ID
    • Same Primary Contact ID


    Enter the participating contacts who were at the meeting. Designate a primary contact if desired, otherwise the first contact selected becomes the default primary contact. Entries appear in the Report Detail view and on the printed Call Report.


    A summary description of the call report; enter a more detailed report in the Report Detail view.


    List additional employees from your organization who must receive the Call Report, but must not appear on the list of participants. The call report creator and all Employee Participants are automatically placed on the distribution list.


    List employees from your organization who participated in the call. Entries appear in the Report Detail view and on the printed Call Report. The call report creator is automatically listed as a participant.


    Associate an opportunity with the call report. You can view all call reports associated with any given opportunity from the Opportunities screen.


    The LOV type for this field is FINCORP_CALLRPT_CONTACT_TYPE.

    NOTE:  In the Call Reports list, the New flag is a calculated field and appears checked for five days after the creation of a call report. Your systems administrator can change this setting.

  3. In the Call Reports list, drill down on the Description link to navigate to the Report Detail view.
  4. In the Employees and Contact lists, enter detailed information about the call.

    Information you enter here appears in emailed or printed call reports.

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