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Scenario for Adding a New Contact

This scenario features sample tasks performed by a sales representative in the healthcare industry. Your company might follow a different workflow according to its business requirements.

Sales Representative Adds a New Contact

At a conference, a new account representative meets a potential customer. The potential customer gives the new account representative his business card and informs her that he had recently moved to the area and works for a medium sized software company.

The new account representative returns to her office and enters her new acquaintance into Siebel Healthcare as a new contact. She can also enter his company information and associate the company with the contact. In the Relationship Hierarchy view, she can enter the relationships for this contact, including all companies he is associated with, the contact's business partners, lawyer, his family members, and other influential relationships. As the creator of this new contact record, she is automatically added to the coverage team as the primary representative for the customer. If necessary, she can also add the small business manager and other product experts to the coverage team so they can see this new contact in their My Contacts view.

As the customer is looking for personal and business services, the account representative can create separate opportunity records in Siebel Healthcare associated with the contact. In the opportunity records, she records the products and services the customer is interested in as well as other follow-up activities to serve the customer's needs.

In the scenario, end users are the new account representatives who manage company information in the field. They enter information to:

  • Add a new contact and associate him/her with companies
  • Use the Relationship view to enter all the contact's influential relationships
  • Add other account representatives to the coverage team
  • Create new opportunities associated with the contact
  • Create follow-up activities and assign them to the right representatives to close the potential opportunities
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