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Managing Competitor Information

Effective sales and marketing requires that your employees have up-to-date and consistent information about the competition and their products. This topic describes how to administer information about competitors and competitive products within the Companies screen.

To indicate that a company is a competitor

  1. Navigate to the Companies screen, then the Companies Administration view.
  2. In the Company list, add or select a company.
  3. In the Company form, click the show more button.
  4. Select the Competitor check box to add the company to the Competitor's list.

    The company appears in the Competitor's list. The Competitor's list is available in the Competitors screen and related screens, such as Opportunities.

NOTE:  Nonadministrators can specify that a company is a competitor by selecting Competitor from the Type drop-down list. However, selecting Competitor from the Type drop-down list does not add the company to the Competitor's list as seen on the Competitor's screen, or in the Pick Competitors dialog box, which is accessible on related screens, such as Opportunities.

When a company has been indicated as a competitor, you might want to add document files of comparative and competitive literature. For more information, see the chapter on literature administration in Siebel Applications Administration Guide.

Removing Records from the Competitors List

You cannot delete records that have been added to the Competitors list, since deleting them would also remove them from related screens, like Opportunities. For example, a company might have been a competitor for an opportunity last month. Even if the company is no longer a competitor, the competitor record must remain as part of the history of the opportunity.

If you no longer want a record to appear in the Competitor's list, deselect the Competitor check box. This removes the record from the Competitors screen without affecting other screens.

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