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Default Company Hierarchies

The application administrator sets up a default company hierarchy one time, during the initial application setup. The default hierarchy is available to all end users who are not tied to a specific hierarchy, and who have been granted view access to the companies represented in the hierarchy. It is the administrator's responsibility to give end users access to Company views. For more information, see Siebel Applications Administration Guide.

When new companies are added, they are automatically added to the default hierarchy tree. The contacts, coverage teams, activities, and opportunities that are associated with the company are automatically displayed in the roll-up views.

In the preconfigured application, using the Generate Hierarchy button adds only parent account and child companies to the hierarchy. Any company that does not have a child or parent is not displayed in the roll-up views. Use Siebel Tools to change the DynHierarchy LoadAllAccounts user property to alter this behavior.

You can set the DynHierarchy LoadAllAccounts user property on the Dynamic Hierarchy Direct Relationship business component to N or Y. When it is set to N, only parent and children appear in the generated hierarchy. When DynHierarchy LoadAllAccounts user property is set to Y, all companies are added to the generated hierarchy. For more information on setting user properties, see Siebel Developer's Reference.

To generate a default company hierarchy

  1. Navigate to the Companies screen, then the Global Companies Administration view.
  2. In the Company Hierarchies list, click Generate Hierarchy.

    The parent-child account relationships that have been defined in your application are registered for participation in the roll-up views. This process might take some time, depending on the quantity of account records that are in your existing environment.

    When the company hierarchy has been generated, a new record appears in the Company Hierarchies list. The Hierarchy Name field of the record contains the user ID of the administrator who generated the hierarchy and the time it was generated. If it is the only hierarchy record, the Default field is automatically checked. The companies that have been added for participation in the roll-up views appear in the Company Relationships list.

    NOTE:  If no accounts are visible in the Company Relationships list, click the query button, step off the query, and click Go to refresh the view.

  3. (Optional) Rename the company hierarchy and, if necessary, check the Default field.

    NOTE:  If end users are using the application when you generate a hierarchy, they must log off and log on again to see the default hierarchy in the roll-up views.

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