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Managing Company Coverage Teams (End User)

A coverage team is the group of employees that are assigned to manage the relationship with a given company. The coverage team for a company is defined as all users who have access to the company in the My Companies view.

NOTE:  Similar coverage team functionality is also available for contacts. You can use the Contact Coverage Team view (Navigate to the Contacts screen, then the Coverage Team view) to manage the contact coverage team.

End users can use the company coverage team functionality available in Siebel Healthcare to:

  • Record and display employees covering a company within a single company record
  • Specify and review the nature of the employee's relationship with each covered company, defined as the Coverage Role and Attributes list

To add a member to a coverage team

  1. Navigate to the Companies screen, then the Companies List view.
  2. In the Companies list, drill down on the desired company.
  3. Click the Coverage Team view tab, create a new record, and select an employee.
  4. If known, select the employee's coverage role using the drop-down list in the Coverage Role field.

    NOTE:  The Siebel administrator maintains the Coverage Role LOV in the List of Values screen under the Type field value type FINS_COVERAGE_ROLE_TYPE. Navigate to the Administration - Data screen, then the List of Values view, to access the List of Values screen.

  5. If desired, scroll down to the Categories and Securities view tabs and select values defining the coverage relationship between the employee and the company; you can select one or more attributes.

    The application adds the employee to the coverage team with a defined relationship. The company will appear in the employee's My Companies view.

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