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Closing Related Incident and Problems Records

When a change record is successfully implemented, the problem or related incident records can be closed. To close the incidents or problem records related to a change, you should first make sure the Change status is set to Closed, and then perform the following task.

To close all incident and problem records related to a change record

  1. Navigate to the Change Management screen.
  2. In the Request for Change list, select the change record and click the link in the Name field.
  3. Click the Incident or Problem tab and in the list, click the Close Incidents button.
  4. All the related incident and problem records are closed.

    If you then want to close all the incidents related to the problem record, you should complete the following task.

To close all incident records related to a problem record

  • Drill down on the Problem Number and close the incidents using the Close Incidents button on the problem record.
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