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About Function Space Administration

Function spaces represent the physical areas within a property that are used for group events such as sales meetings, training sessions, weddings, and so on. Typical function spaces include meeting rooms, banquet rooms, ballrooms, the foyer, and other defined areas on the property grounds. Function space can have many characteristics, but during the booking process, the most important characteristics include the following:

  • Setup style
  • Minimum and maximum capacity for each setup style
  • Physical area in square feet or square meters
  • Usable area in square feet or square meters

Other characteristics of the function space (ceiling height, cable TV availability, and so on) can also be significant when considering whether or not a function must occupy a specific room to meet customer requirements.

Specific space represents the function rooms that are physically located at a property. A specific space usually has a name, for example, the Golden Gate Salon. There are two types of specific space, indivisible space and configured space.

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