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TNT SHM Create One Quote Workflow

This workflow creates a quote with functions and room blocks. Figure 8 shows this workflow.

This workflow is started when a user clicks the Create Quote button in the Opportunity screen, Capture list applet.

Figure 9. TNT SHM Create One Quote Workflow
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Workflow Description. This workflow performs the following actions:

  1. Opty - Quote Transform. The workflow step transfers the opportunity-related data along with functions and function line items, notes, macro estimates, and concessions to the quote through Data Map Objects.
  2. Sleeping Room Mapping. This workflow step maps generic room blocks to specific room blocks.
  3. Refresh Hierarchal Records. When hierarchal records are transferred through the Data Transfer Utilities (DTU) to maintain the hierarchy in the destination business component, the workflow calls the Refresh Hierarchal business components.
  4. Convert Generic Line Items. This workflow step converts generic function line items to specific function line items.
  5. Non-Participating Property? This workflow step checks whether or not the opportunity property is a participating property.
  6. Bypass Flag Set on this Property? If the opportunity property is a participating property, this workflow step checks whether or not the Bypass flag is set for the function.
  7. Best Fit Function Spaces. If the Bypass flag is not set, this workflow step checks the availability of function spaces using a best-fit algorithm and reserves the available function spaces.
  8. Reserve Sleeping Rooms. This workflow step checks the availability of sleeping rooms and reserves the available sleeping rooms.
  9. Price Sleeping Rooms. This workflow step retrieves the price for the created property-specific sleeping rooms.
  10. Room Rate Calculation. This workflow step creates the negotiated room records for the property-specific sleeping rooms.
  11. Skip Function Pricing and Rollup? If the Skip Function Pricing and Rollup process property is set by the user, this workflow step skips the function pricing and rollup.
  12. Price Functions. This workflow step retrieves the prices for the created functions and line items.
  13. Revenue Rollup of Average Values. This workflow step rolls up the revenue of all the functions and function line items and updates the Total Quote Revenue.
  14. Get Initial Function Revenue. If Skip Function Pricing and Rollup is set to True, this workflow step retrieves the initial function space revenue.
  15. Auto book Critical Assets. This workflow step books the critical line items required for the functions on a specific date and time.
  16. Update Quote Status. This workflow step sets the Status of the quote to Prospect.
  17. Update Meal Period. After a quote is generated from an opportunity and if the function type is associated with the property in the Property Pricing Administration screen, this method updates the function type. The function type update in turn updates the read-only Meal Period field.
Associated Business Service Methods

The following table shows the steps in this workflow that call business service methods.

Workflow Step
Business Service Method Called

Opty - Quote Transform


Sleeping Room Mapping


Refresh Hierarchal Records


Convert Generic Line Items

Map Generic Products

Best Fit Function Spaces

FSI Best Fit

Reserve Sleeping Rooms

Reserve SR

Price Sleeping Rooms

Reprice All Room Blocks

Room Rate Calculation


Price Functions


Revenue Rollup of Average Values


Get Initial Function Revenue


Autobook Critical Assets

Quote Book

Update Quote Status

Update Quote Status

Update Meal Period

Update Meal Period

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