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Hold Function Space with Reserve and Next Fit

The sales manager can use the Reserve button on the Quote Function view to reserve a specific space or category. The manager uses the Next Fit button to find available function space that meets the event requirements.

Reserve Button Functionality

The Reserve button is typically used under the following conditions:

  • If availability checks for the function were bypassed at the opportunity stage, the user updates the availability information in Quote screen, Functions view. This update includes any changes to information about the function space, setup style, expected number of attendees, date, start time, and duration of the event. The user then clicks Reserve to hold the function space, if available.
  • If the user adds a new function to the quote, selects a function space, and completes the rest of the fields for the function record. The user then clicks Reserve, and the specific space, if available, is reserved.
  • If the user wants to change the function space category or specific space, the user can select a different function space and then click Reserve to start the availability check for the new function space.
  • If a quote has been generated from a nonparticipating property, this button initially changes the value in the Inventory Status field from a null value to Reserved. The user can then use the button to switch between Reserved and Unreserved as information is supplied from the NPP.

Next Fit Button Functionality

When the Next Fit button is clicked, the best available function space is selected, and the inventory status is set to Reserved. The function space selection is based on the number of attendees, the setup style, any specified features, and the physical area specified in the function record.

For example, after an opportunity is created and a quote generated, the user reviews the function space availability in the Quote screen, Function view. At this point, the user clicks Next Fit to start the process of finding and reserving the best available function space.

NOTE:  Users can only click the Next Fit button if a function space has not already been selected and reserved for the function.

In some circumstances, the Next Fit process might not locate any available spaces. In this case, Siebel Hospitality returns the best-fit function space with a status of Unreserved.

NOTE:  The user cannot use the Next Fit option when managing NPPs.

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