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About Meeting Packages

A meeting package is a packaged collection of meeting event essentials that can include meeting rooms, catering, audio-visual equipment, and sleeping rooms. A meeting package encompasses a function agenda, function spaces, and, optionally, nonfunction line items and sleeping rooms. Each meeting package applies to a specific property, and is usually available at a promotional price. A property can have multiple meeting packages that can be applied to specific events.

Meeting packages can accommodate the following types of attendees:

  • Complete meeting package (CMP) attendees purchase sleeping rooms as part of the package.
  • Day delegate (DD) attendees do not purchase sleeping rooms as part of the package.

A meeting package can have DD attendees, CMP attendees, or both.

Administrators create and maintain meeting packages and their associated components as generic objects. Administrators can also associate specific components with meeting packages. Subsequently, sales representatives can book meeting packages for specific events at their properties by applying instances of these generic meeting packages to quotes, event orders, and event checks. The booking procedures for sales representatives are described in the chapters that cover quotes, event orders, and event checks.

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