The Siebel Life Sciences Consumer Portal provides consumers with pharmaceutical information over the Web.

When registered Consumer Portal users log in, they can click the tabs to see the following pages of the Consumer Portal:

  • Home Page. A user can click hyperlinks to see information about products frequently asked questions, and how to contact the pharmaceutical company.
  • Disease State Info. A user can obtain information on a particular disease state and a list of literature relating to the disease state by clicking on a hyperlink.
  • FAQ. A user can view a list of previously asked questions.
  • Product Info. A user can obtain a brief description of various pharmaceutical markets and associated products. By clicking on the pharmaceutical market hyperlink, the user can review product information and subsequently a list of product literature.
  • Administration. A registered user, with delegated administrator responsibility, uses this page to create new registered Consumer Portal users and to edit login data for existing users. The Administration tab and page are visible to delegated administrators only.

Topics in this chapter include the following:

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