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Creating Alternate Sales Force Hierarchies

Oracle Pharma Sales Analytics supports the ability to analyze Rx script data and compare it with alternate sales force organizational structures. These alternate sales force hierarchies can support co-marketing sales organizations where Rx scripts might be 100% allocated to both sales forces, as well as Mirror Sales Forces where Rx Script allocation might be shared between the Sales Forces.

You can assign scripts to each alternate sales representative by:

  • Using a report or metadata calculation based on the attribute of the W_POSITION_D dimension table
  • Creating a new set of aggregation tables to de-duplicate scripts

The alternate sales force hierarchies are configured as an additional set of positions and alignment rules within the Siebel Pharma application. This topic details the tasks that application administrators perform to configure these positions and alignment rules.

NOTE:  The allocation of Rx scripts to alternate sales force positions uses an allocation percentage that is stored in the S_POSTN.OWNER_ALLOC_PCT column in the Siebel Pharma transactional database. This database column is not exposed in the standard Siebel Pharma Application. To complete the steps for creating the alternate sales force hierarchies, add the OWNER_ALLOC_PCT column to the position business component, and expose it in the Position List Applet using Siebel Tools.

To create an alternate sales force hierarchy

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Group screen, then the Positions view.
  2. In the Positions list, click New to create the top-level position in the sales force hierarchy.
  3. Complete the fields in the following table for the new position.


Division for the alternate sales force hierarchy.


Position associated with the alternate sales force hierarchy.

Position Type

Select the position type from the drop-down list.

  1. For each of the levels below the Sales Hierarchy, repeat Step 2 and Step 3 down to the Sales Territory level position.
  2. In the Parent Position field for each of these records, select the Position for the level above the current Position.

    The prebuilt Oracle Pharma Sales Analytics configuration supports the following sales hierarchy levels.

Cardinality to Parent


The top level of the sales organization that is sometimes referred to as Franchise. For example, Respiratory Franchise refers to a sales force commissioned to promote respiratory products. This level does not have any parents.


Sales Force

Child of Organization. Refers to a sales forces promoting products within a sales organization.



Child of Sales Force. Refers to a large geographic sales area, such as US East, US West, or US South.



Child of Area. Refers to a sales geographic region.



Child of Region. Refers to a sales geographic district.



Child of District. Refers to a sales geographic territory composed of ZIP codes, bricks, contacts, or accounts.


  1. Create all levels for the sales hierarchy as positions, and link them to a position hierarchy to populate the Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse correctly.
  2. For the territory level position in this new alternate hierarchy, set the Position Type field to either mirror, swat, or job share as appropriate for the alternate sales force.

    NOTE:  Select these position types for the territory level positions in the alternate sales force.

  3. In the new Owner Allocation field that has been exposed in the Position List Applet, enter the percentage allocation of scripts as a decimal for the alternate territory level position.

    The Pharma Sales Analytics ETL populates the value from the Owner Allocation Percentage field to a column in the Position Dimension that can then be used to calculate measures and aggregates for Rx script allocations.

  4. After the alternate sales force positions and hierarchy have been created, you must create an additional alignment rule for the alternate sales territory as an assignment rule.

    For more information about creating these additional Assignment Rules, see Creating Sales Territories.

    NOTE:  The alternate sales force territory level position must be selected as the candidate position for these assignment rules.

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