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Scenario 3: Users Create Activities

This scenario describes how end users use activities to manage their own time, keep their manager informed of their workload, and track their expenses. Your company might follow a different process according to its business requirements.

Typically activities are performed or planned for opportunities, contacts, or accounts, but they can also be used to track personal tasks. Consider the following example.

A sales manager for a pharmaceutical company wants to review her schedule. She uses the Activities screen to create, categorize, and track all the activities on which she plans to spend her time during the next month.

From the My To Do List view, she prints a report detailing her current activities, their due dates, and all pertinent account information. Remembering she wants to meet with each of her direct reports in next two weeks, she prints a report summarizing all the calls her team has made over a 20-week period. Then, she schedules meeting with each of her direct reports to discuss their sales goals for the next quarter. Finally, she schedules a contact call with a prominent customer whose regular sales representative is on a long leave. Then, she reviews the Calendar screen to review her schedule for the upcoming weeks.

NOTE:  End users also use the Activities screen to record and submit details of Contact and Account Calls. For more information, see Recording Calls.

The process for this scenario comprises four procedures:

  1. Create general activities. For more information, see About Creating Activities.
  2. Create contact or account call. For more information, see Creating a Contact Call and Creating an Account Call.
  3. Set up a meeting. For more information, see Setting Up a Meeting.
  4. View activities and create new activities on the Calendar screen. For more information, see Creating a General Activity in the Calendar.
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