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About Defining a Route Plan

End users can create routes to schedule regular calls to groups of accounts. By defining a route, a user can plan the order in which to visit accounts and determine a starting time for each account call. For more information, see Routes and the scenario Scenario 2: Users Define Route Plans.

When creating a route, users must complete the following tasks in the order listed:

  • Create a route. Users must specify the person for whom they are creating the route. Although each user can be assigned multiple routes, each route can only be assigned to one user. For more information, see To create a route.
  • Add accounts to a route. Once users have established a route, they can add accounts to it.
  • (Optional) Assign a target list to a route. If users are using the Account Targeting features to create target lists, they can assign them to a route using the Target Accounts view.
  • Schedule calls. When a route has been created, users can use it to schedule calls to every account in the route. For more information, see To schedule calls from the My Routes view.
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