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About Accounts Contacts

The Siebel Pharma Accounts Contacts functionality supports the display of account-contact affiliations as a single record within dedicated Accounts Contacts List views, and also within an Accounts Contacts Weekly Call Planning screen. The Account-Contact records displayed in these screens are managed within the Siebel Pharma application as a set of separate Targeting records for each Sales Representative Position. These Targeting records store the relationship between the Account-Contact affiliation and Sales Representative Position. The records also have a series of Product Targeting attributes fields for each Account-Contact-Position relationship which store Product targeting information such as Detail Frequency targets.

The Targeting Period and related Accounts Contacts Targeting records needs to be created by an administrator, and then Targeting Period activated in order to make the Accounts Contacts Targeting records visible to end users. Administrators can create multiple Targeting Periods (and their related Accounts Contacts Targeting data) within the Siebel Pharma application, but only one Targeting Period can be active at any one time. The Targeting data can be manually created and setup through administration screens. However, a series of dedicated Siebel EIM tables are also provided to support the batch loading of the Targeting data. This method is the typical process for creating the data within the Siebel Pharma application.

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