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About Siebel Pharma

Siebel Pharma is a suite of business applications specifically designed for the pharmaceutical industry. Siebel Life Sciences provides the industry's only integrated solution that allows information captured through multiple channels to be shared between sales and marketing, clinical affairs, customer services and other parts of an organization.

Siebel Pharma supported functionality:

  • Flexible contact management, supporting a wide range of contact types, both prescribers and nonprescribers, including physicians, pharmacists, nurses, office staff, and business administrators
  • Account management, supporting a wide range of account types, such as hospitals, pharmacies, health maintenance organizations (HMOs), clinics, wholesalers, and group purchasing organizations (GPOs)
  • Advanced, specific querying and list generation, allowing product promotion to targeted accounts and health care professionals
  • Activity management, tightly integrated with the Siebel Calendar, promoting streamlined call planning and call reporting
  • Medical education event planning, aiding efficient planning and preparation for many types of medical education events by tracking speakers, invitees, meeting-related activities, and expenses
  • Smart Calls, which are call report templates supporting true one-button call reporting
  • Comprehensive analysis charts, presenting sales and prescription (Rx) trends by postal code, brick (retail sales analysis territory), territory, plan, and prescriber
  • Dedicated formulary-opportunity management, allowing focused product promotion and opportunity tracking
  • Sales effectiveness tools and methodologies, including Target Account Sales (TAS) and Enterprise Selling Process (ESP), to shorten the sales cycles and increase account revenue and production
  • Contract and pricing management, including contract creation, approval, execution, renewal, and contract-based pricing
  • Enterprise-wide product information for employees, allowing consistent, accurate, and up-to-date information sharing across sales teams and sales forces
  • Simplified sampling workflow for users and administrators, supporting shipments in or out, orders, inventory counts, adjustments, and reconciliation, as well as tracking by lot numbers
  • Support for a full customer service center that handles medical inquiries, adverse events, and other related issues
  • Handling of a large number of inbound telephone calls, faxes, email, and Internet correspondence for customer service, sales, and medical support
  • Support for outbound calling for telesales, telemarketing, and meeting planning
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