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Checking Electronic Signatures

End users can use Siebel Pharma or Siebel Pharma Handheld to electronically capture signatures. The Signature Audit Administration view lists all the electronically captured signatures of a contact to whom samples were dropped in a linear format.

As the samples administrator, be sure to check Signature Audit Administration regularly and perform signature capture verification to make sure that signatures collected from each contact are consistent.

The signature capture verification determines if the call information has been modified by comparing the information captured from the signature (the signature event string) with the current call information (the current call string). Reasons for call information modification include:

  • Recreation of a sample receipt
  • Sample adjustments
  • Fraud

Signature capture verification is launched from the Verify button on the Signature Audit.

As the samples administrator you are responsible for your company's samples inventory and making sure it complies with regulatory rules and regulations. Use the views described in Table 18 to monitor samples activity across the enterprise.

To display Signature Audit Administration

  • Navigate to the Sample Compliance screen, then the Signature Audit view.

NOTE:  If a Contacts record is deleted, the application removes the contact name from lists that reference that contact's name in the S_CONTACT table. Therefore, if the Contact Id is deleted from the S_ACT_SIGN table, the last name and first name fields appear empty in the Signatures form within the Signature Audit Administration view. However, deleting a Contacts record does not affect the Contact Full name because it is stored in a text field in the same table. In the Pharma Signature Receipt Form, the control above the Signature shows the full name of the contact at the time of the call (that is, no reference to the S_CONTACT table). Because the contact's name is not removed from this list, a permanent and complete electronic record of calls captured with signatures recorded electronically is maintained.

Generating a Receipt for Calls with Electronic Signatures

The Sample Events and Receipts view shows an entire sample transaction as it was recorded at the time the signature was captured. Sales representatives can submit electronically captured signatures using Siebel Pharma or Siebel Pharma Handheld.

To display Sample Events and Receipts

  • Navigate to the Sample Compliance screen, then the Sample Events and Receipts view.
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