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About Implementing Siebel Open UI

You can optionally choose to deploy Siebel Business Applications with the Siebel Open UI user interface framework. Siebel Open UI uses an open architecture that enables you to customize and extend the Siebel user interface for your enterprise and, for Siebel employee and partner-facing applications, it provides an alternative to the high-interactivity client.

In the current version of Siebel Loyalty, all Siebel Loyalty functionality is available with Siebel Open UI except Siebel Loyalty Gantt chart options. If you want to view promotions in calendar format using the Gantt chart options, you must continue to use Siebel Loyalty with high-interactivity clients or standard-interactivity clients. Users who do not require this functionality can use Siebel Loyalty with Siebel Open UI.

The procedures in this guide assume that if you are using Siebel Open UI, you do not use left-hand navigation. However, you can set up left-hand navigation if you choose. For information about implementing left-hand navigation, see Siebel Fundamentals for Siebel Open UI.

NOTE:  The functionality described in this topic requires that you install Siebel CRM Release or later, or or later. For information, see the applicable Siebel Maintenance Release Guide on My Oracle Support.

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