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Approving Loyalty Members' Transactions

Some transactions might require manager approval. After member service representatives submit transactions that require approval to their managers for their consideration, managers can view and approve them, and member service representatives can display the audit trail for those approvals. For information about how the managers approval limit is set up, see Adding Employees as Loyalty Users.

Submitting Transactions for Approval

After creating transactions, member service representatives submit certain transactions for management approval.

To submit a transaction for approval

  1. Navigate to the Loyalty Members screen.
  2. Click the Member Number (#) of the desired member.
  3. Click the Transactions view tab.
  4. In the Transactions list, find the transaction that you want to submit for approval.
  5. In the Status field, change the value from In Progress to Submitted.

    Siebel Loyalty sends this transaction to the designated manager's approvals queue.

Approving or Rejecting Transactions

After member service representatives submit transactions, loyalty managers view the transactions and consider them for approval.

To approve or reject a transaction

  1. Navigate to the Home Page.
  2. In My Approval Inbox, identify a transaction that you want to consider for approval, and click the hyperlink in its Name field.
  3. In the transaction's Status field, change the value to Approved or Rejected - Manager, as appropriate.
  4. In the Pick Employee popup box, do the following:
    1. Select the employee to whom to send a notice of approval or rejection.
    2. In the Comments field, enter an explanation of or expansion on your decision.
    3. Click Send.

Viewing the Approvals for a Transaction

Member service representatives can view an approvals audit trail for each transaction to learn its history of approvals or rejections.

Some transactions can also be rejected automatically. For example, a redemption transaction is rejected if the member does not have enough points for this redemption. If a transaction is rejected because there were no points, then it does not appear in the approval history. The audit trail only shows records changed during the approval process, whose Status was changed by an employee.

To view the approvals for a transaction

  1. Navigate to the Loyalty Transactions screen.
  2. Identify the transaction whose approvals audit trail you want to view and click the hyperlink in its Transaction Id field.
  3. Click the Transaction Approval view tab.

    The Approvals list shows a record for each approval or rejection, including the manager who made the decision, when, and a comment or explanation.

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