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Setting Up Loyalty Terms for Precalculated Accruals

Some partners precalculate the points to be credited to members and send them together with the accrual activity details. These precalculated accrual transactions specify the member to be credited, the point type, and the number of points. There are limits on the number and type of points that can be precalculated.

The loyalty terms indicate if a program is eligible for precalculated accrual, and define the accrual parameters.

To set up loyalty terms for precalculated accruals

  1. Navigate to the Partners screen, Loyalty Terms view for the partner company.
  2. Select the program, and complete the necessary fields, as described in the following table.

    Precalculated Accrual

    Select this check box to enable precalculated accruals for this program.

    Accrual Validity Length and

    Accrual Validity UOM

    Enter the length and unit of measure (UOM) for the accrual validity period. For example, if the period is six months, then the length is 6 and the UOM is Month.

    Allow Negative and

    Credit Limit

    If you want to allow transactions that cause the partner to have a negative point balance, then select this check box and enter the maximum credit limit, in points.

    Reorder Limit

    Enter the number of points to trigger reordering.

    Accrual Effectivity In Days

    Enter the maximum number of days, counting from the transaction date, within which the partner must notify the host of the transaction.

    Skip Validations

    Select this check box if validation is not required.

    Validate Dispute Flag

    If you want to validate disputed transactions, then select this check box.

    Submit To

    Select the partner reviewer who must approve this transaction.

NOTE:  Precalculated accruals can only be credited to a specific member. Any associated parent accrual type is ignored.

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