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Multi Value Field

A multi value field displays the child records of a parent record. If the user clicks a multivalue field, then Siebel CRM displays these child records.

This object type occurs in the following location in the object hierarchy:

Table 70 describes properties that Siebel CRM uses with a multi value field.

Table 70. Properties of the Multi Value Field

Calculated (O)

If TRUE, then Siebel CRM uses business component data to calculate the field value.

Field (R)

Specifies the name of a single-value field in the child business component that the multivalue link references. This field must be visible in a list applet.

To avoid performance problems, it is recommended that you do not specify a multivalue field from another business component in this property. If you must specify a multivalue field from another business component, then get help from Oracle. For more information, see Object Types That You Must Not Modify.

Force Active (O)

If TRUE, then Siebel CRM gets the field value from the Siebel database.

Hidden (O)

If TRUE, then Siebel CRM does not display this multivalue field in any list view that it dynamically creates at runtime. The default value is one of the following:

  • TRUE for a business component data type of DTYPE_ID
  • FALSE for any business component data type that is not DTYPE_ID

Link Specification (O)

If TRUE, then Siebel CRM sends the field value as a default value to a field in the child business component. This configuration is required to support any business component that Siebel CRM uses as the child of a link from this business component, and if this child uses the Parent type of default values and expects to receive a value.

Multi Value Link (R)

Specifies the name of the multivalue link that Siebel CRM uses when it gets data.

Name (R)

Specifies the name of this multivalue field. The name must be unique in the business component. It can contain spaces. To reference this multivalue field, other objects use this name.

No Copy (O)

If TRUE, then Siebel CRM does not copy the value that this multivalue field contains into the newly created record during a Based On Last operation. Also, if one of the following objects for this multivalue field specifies No Copy as TRUE, then Siebel CRM does not copy this value:

  • The multi value link
  • The source field

PickList (O)

Specifies the name of a picklist that Siebel CRM uses to display a list of values that the user can choose.

Read Only (O)

If TRUE, then the user cannot modify the value of this multivalue field.

Required (O)

Not used.

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