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Using Auto Quote from an Opportunity

If sales representatives are working with an opportunity where the products have already been specified, then they can save time by using the Auto Quote button of the Opportunities screen to generate the quote.

Products are automatically copied from the opportunity to the quote when the Auto Quote check box for the product is selected. When end users create opportunities, they use the Product view of the Opportunity screen to specify products for the opportunity. When they add a product to this list, the Auto Quote check box is automatically selected, but they can exclude a product from a quote by clearing this check box.

This task is a step in Process of Creating a Quote.

To use Auto Quote from an opportunity

  1. Navigate to the Opportunities screen, and then the Opportunities List view.
  2. Click the name of the opportunity for which you want to generate a quote.
  3. Click the Quotes view tab.
  4. In the Quotes list, click Auto Quote.

    A new quote record appears. The products from the opportunity are copied into the quote.

  5. Fill in the Name and Price List fields for the quote.
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