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About Managing Financial Contacts

Contacts are entities or individuals with whom the company does business with or with whom it expects to do business with in the future. Contacts include employees of other companies, independent consultants, vendors, or personal acquaintances. Contacts can belong to only one company, but they can be part of many opportunities, including opportunities that do not involve their companies. Contacts are presented in a single view of the customer and your relationship with the customer.

When a new contact is created, you can use the Contact Summary view to see the financial accounts and the owners associated with that contact. The Financial Account view lists all the accounts that the contact is associated with. The Owner view shows all the owners and roles of that financial account. Once you have created contacts, you can add those contacts as applicants for financial products and services.

An Applicant is a customer's contact, or it is a business relationship to a set of proposed products sold by a financial institution. The applicant definition consists of both the customer's information and the intended role that the customer will function in as it relates to the financial product or service. Typically, there are multiple applicants associated with financial products or services. For more information about contacts, see Siebel Finance Guide.

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