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Approving a Design Registration

The approval process for design registrations makes sure that a similar request has not been submitted by another partner. For example, several distributors might identify a potential opportunity and try to submit a design registration against it. The vendor might want to specify that only one distributor registers the opportunity, so it is essential to provide the approver with a mechanism to identify potential duplicates.

Potential duplicate design registrations are identified based on the following criteria:

  • They have at least one product in common on the parent design opportunity.
  • They have the same end customer.
  • The status of the potential duplicate registration is Submitted, Approved, Pending Review, Rejected, or Expired.

Only those design registrations created in the past n days are considered. In the preconfigured version of Siebel PRM, n is 366 days by default. However, customers can modify this number to suit their business needs.

This task is a step in Roadmap for Managing a Design Program.

To approve a design registration

  1. Navigate to Administration - Inbox.

    A design registration that requires approval is displayed in the inbox of the current approver.

  2. Drill down on the design registration to the single page view.
  3. Check if there are potential duplicates by clicking the Similar Registrations tab.
  4. Approve, reject or return the design registration.

    If and when the final approver approves, the status of the design registration changes to Approved.

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