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Applying to Partner Programs (Partner)

After the partner program has been set up, and the partner application has been created, the partner can use the PRM Portal to apply for membership to the program.

Partners who are not registered for partner programs can apply to partner programs on the PRM Portal as well as those who have already registered (registered meaning the partners have some visibility to the program).

The fields that the partner must complete depend on the SmartScript or external application used when you set up the application, as described in Setting Up Partner Program Applications.

A partner employee might apply for membership to a program after another employee of the same partner company has already applied for membership to the same program. If the first application from that company has already been approved, an error message is displayed to the second partner who applies. If the first application has not yet been approved, an error message is not displayed and there are two application from the same partner company. However, even if the brand owner approves both applications from the same partner company, only one Program Membership record is created for that partner company, so there is not a problem of duplicate memberships.

The following procedure allows partners to apply to a partner program.

To apply as a partner

  1. Log in to the PRM Portal and navigate to the Partner Programs screen.
  2. Select and drill down on the category.

    All Partner Programs under this category are displayed.

  3. Drill down on the program you want.
  4. Check for literature attachments, check for any existing applications, and check the membership data.

    NOTE:  Make sure you are not currently a member of this partner program. If you are already a member, you are not allowed to apply again.

  5. Click Apply, complete the fields in the application, and then click Submit.

    It the partner selects the Use Agreement Item Dates check box on the application header, then start and end dates for the membership are set to the same as the start and end dates of the agreement associated with the program.

  6. To check the status of your application, click the Program Applications tab and query for the application.

    NOTE:  SmartScript enables you to click Save if you need to stop before the application is completed, and then click Resume when you return to it without losing the data you have already entered.

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