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About Managing Sales with Siebel PRM

This chapter describes examples of how you might use Siebel PRM to manage sales. It is not comprehensive; it simply gives you an idea of the many ways that Siebel PRM can be used. The sales examples fall into the following categories:

  • Partner-led sales. Partner sales agents work on opportunities generated by either the partner or brand owner company.
  • Collaborative sales. Partners and the brand owner work on opportunities together.

This chapter includes examples illustrating how the brand owner and partner can work together. For information about how partners can work with other partners, see Partner-to-Partner Collaboration.

In addition to these sales examples, this chapter describes these tools that are useful in managing sales:

  • Forecasting. You have several ways of forecasting partners' sales, and this chapter provides forecasting examples.
  • Presentations and Proposals. You can create templates for presentations and proposals, which your partners can use to generate specific sales presentations and proposals.
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