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Query Business Component Method

This method provides a way to query any business component in the business object. This gives you a bit more flexibility than the standard Siebel operation query, because you can search the entire business component without regard to the links to the primary business component.

If both Search Spec and Query fields are provided, the Search Spec is chosen over the Query field arguments to execute the business component with. If neither is provided, then an error is returned.

The following are inputs for Query Business Component:

  • Business Component - String. This is the name of the business component in the business object to query through.
  • Keep Context - String. (Optional, defaults to Yes) This is a string defining whether to query with regard to the current state of the business object or if to instantiate a new business object to query with (outside of context).
  • Output Field - String. (Optional) These are the values you want to have returned from the record. A number can be appended to the name so that more than one field can be retrieved.

    For instance, if you wanted a Name and Location, there would be the arguments Output Field 1 and Output Field 2 with Name and Location as their values. If there is more than one record with the search specification, you obtain values from the first record in the executed business component.

  • Query Field - String. (Optional) These are the input values determining the search specification that is used on the business component.

    To use this argument correctly, you must append the name of the field to the argument name. The value of the field can be any Workflow Process-evaluated string. For instance, if you are looking for a record where [Account Id] = Process Property [Siebel Operation Object Id], you would have:

    • Argument Name: Query Field Account Id
    • Type: Process Property
    • Process Property: Siebel Operation Object Id
  • Search Spec - String. (Optional) If the search specification is more easily formulated as a string, then you can choose to provide it here. The string can have the same format as any other search specification in Siebel Tools; also, you can also choose to have a Workflow Process-evaluated string as a possible input.

The following are outputs for Query Business Component:

  • Record Count - String. This returns a string representation of the number of records found in the query, up to 100. If there are more than 100 records, it returns the value -1, indicating that there are too many records in the query.
  • Output Fields - String. These are fields that are returned in the query with the property name equal to the field name.

    In the example above, the two output arguments are named Name and Location. Their values would be those of the first record returned by the query.

Example: PRM ANI Inbound Create Account Process, Find Account

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