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Process of Working with a Market Development Fund

To work with an MDF, perform the following tasks:

  1. Making Market Development Funds Visible to Partners. You must configure the Siebel Business Application to make the fund visible in the partner portal.
  2. Creating Market Development Funds. When you create a fund, you specify how much funding it has and which partners participate in it.
  3. Setting Up Fund Approval Authorization. You must authorize your employees to approve fund requests. Employees have a fund request approval limit. If a request is greater than an employee's limit, that employee routes it to other employees for further review.
  4. Changing the Partner Manager Field. Optionally, you can change the Partner Manager field to change the routing of fund requests for approval.
  5. Initiating a Fund Request. After a fund has been created, employees of the partner company or from the brand owner company can request funding on behalf of partners who participate in the fund.
  6. Adding Attachments, Activities, and Activity Plans to MDF Requests. It can be useful to add attachments, activities, and activity plans to an MDF request.
  7. Reviewing a Fund Request. Your company must approve or reject funding requests. Optionally, you can use Siebel Business Process Designer to inform people by email when they must review a request or provide more information.
  8. Viewing a Fund's Checkbook. The MDF checkbook lets you track the amount of credits, debits, and total funds available in a fund.
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