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Adding User Assignments at the Partner Company

This task is a step in Process of Enrolling a New Partner Company.

As the next step in adding a new partner company, use the User Assignments view to add partner employees as Siebel PRM users. You can also use this screen to update positions, responsibilities, and logins for existing users.

Partner users must be added as employees to be able to log in to the Siebel PRM Portal. The Employee check box must be selected in the User Assignments view tab. This check box is selected by default when a new user is added.

Siebel PRM lets you add two types of partner employees:

  • End Users. You can add the employees in your partner company as end users.
  • Delegated Administrators. You can designate one or more employees at the partner company as delegated administrators, who can then add new users at the partner company and assign them responsibilities you have created for this partner company. The delegated administrator can also perform routine maintenance tasks, such as modifying user records. A delegated administrator must have a responsibility that includes the views used for delegated administration. In the seed data, this responsibility is Partner Operations Manager.

Delegated administrators can also give employees at their company the responsibility of delegated administrators. Therefore, you can add the person who submitted the application for a partner company as a delegated administrator, and then that delegated administrator can add other employees at the partner company as delegated administrators, who actually enter the users.

After the delegated administrator has added partner employees, you can see them using the Siebel PRM Manager. For more information on adding users and delegated administrators, see Setting Up Siebel PRM.

NOTE:  If you are using delegated administration, you must make at least one partner employee a delegated administrator. In the User Assignments view, edit the user's record and enter a position and responsibility for the user.

To display partner employees who are Siebel PRM users

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Partner screen, then the Registered Partners view.
  2. Drill down on the name for the partner company whose employees you want to see.
  3. Click the User Assignments view tab.

    The User Assignments view appears. The information in the following table is entered for the person who applied to be a partner and for any other partner employees who have been added.


    Name fields

    The first and last name and title (such as Mr. or Ms.).

    Job Title

    The user's job title.


    The user's position or positions.


    The user's responsibility.

    User ID and Password

    The login name and password with which the user logs into the Siebel PRM Portal. Password is only accessible if LDAP has been set up.

    Time Zone

    The user's time zone.

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