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Recommended Sequence for Implementing Siebel EIM Processes

The following sequence is recommended for implementing Siebel EIM processes:

  1. Customize and test the .IFB file to meet the business requirements.
  2. Tune the .IFB parameters.
  3. Separate the Siebel EIM processes.
  4. Set the database parameters, making sure the basic requirements are met, including the hardware, the settings, and no or minimal fragmentation.

Before you start optimizing Siebel EIM processes, make sure there are no network problems or server performance problems that can affect the results. Oracle's Application Expert Services recommends using at least 100 MB network segments and network-interface cards (NICs) to connect the Siebel Server and the Siebel Database, and also recommends using a network switch or similar technology, rather than a hub, to maximize throughput. Contact your Oracle sales representative for Oracle Advanced Customer Services to request assistance from Oracle's Application Expert Services.

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