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Associating Events with Action Sets

You can set up events to be monitored by the system and to trigger actions when these events occur. The actions then modify content or user profile attributes or invoke business service methods, which can cause personalization rules to fire.

To associate an event with an action set

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Runtime Events screen > Events view.
  2. Create a new record.

    Complete the fields as needed. Some fields are described in the following table.



    Required. An event can trigger multiple action sets. Enter numbers in this field to control when the action set associated with this event in this record executes, relative to other action sets associated with this event.

    Object Name

    The name of the application, business component, or applet (depending on the object type) to which the event occurs.


    Required. Select from the drop-down list. The choices depend on which object type you choose.


    The subevent represents the following information according the event and object type:

    When the object type is:

    • BusComp or Applet and the event is InvokeMethod or PreInvokeMethod, the subevent is the name of the method to monitor. The method name is found in Siebel Tools, in the Invoke Method property of the control that calls the method.
    • BusComp and the event is SetFieldValue or PreSetFieldValue, the subevent is the name of the field to monitor.
    • Application and the event is ViewDeactivated or ViewActivated, the subevent is the name of the view to monitor.
    • Application and the event is SetAttribute, the subevent is the name of the attribute.

    Conditional Expression


    Enter a conditional expression if necessary to add additional control to whether the event is monitored.

    NOTE:  The field referenced in the conditional expression must be activated, either by setting the field to force active or by displaying it on the applet, to trigger the run-time event.

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