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Portal Framework Overview

Enterprises are often composed of many different information technology resources, such as:

  • Shared network directories.
  • Department intranet sites.
  • Legacy applications.
  • Applications developed in-house.
  • Purchased Web applications.

With many disparate applications and technologies, IT resources are difficult to maintain and difficult to use. For example, applications:

  • Follow different user interface guidelines.
  • Are rendered with different themes.
  • Track profile attributes differently.
  • Vary in the quality of online assistance.
  • Have separate login and password credentials.
  • Have different search functionality.

One solution to this problem is to integrate the various applications and content sources used in an enterprise and present them in a single user interface, called a portal. The Siebel Portal Framework allows you to do this. The Portal Framework provides you with the tools and supporting technologies that allow you to:

  • Aggregate external data with Siebel data and present it in the Siebel user interface.
  • Deliver Siebel CRM data to external applications.
  • Integrate external application business logic and data with Siebel Business Applications.
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