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Defining Content Fixup

The Fixup Administration view allows you to define how links embedded within external HTML content are rendered in the Siebel user interface. The fixup types that you define here will be associated with symbolic URLs.

To define a fixup type

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Integration screen, and then WI Symbolic URL List.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select Fixup Administration.
  3. Enter a new record and define the fields.

    Some of the fields are described in the following table:


    Link Context

    Select one of the following values:

    • Do Nothing. This fixup does not affect any of the links. The links (relative or absolute) remain as they are with the content being passed back in its original form.
    • Outside Application. This fixup converts all of the relative links to absolute links using the host and path of the parent URL. No links are proxied.
    • Inside Application. This fixup converts all of the relative links to absolute links and any links using a host defined in the Host Administration view are proxied in order to maintain SWE context. After the user clicks a link, this fixup type renders HTML in the view, using the entire view for display.
    • Inside Applet. This fixup handles links the same way as the Inside Application fixup type. However, in this case, when a user clicks a link, it renders HTML within an applet. The other applets remain present on the view.

    Context View Name

    Name of the view that displays the link. This is optional.

    Link Target

    Specifies the name of a specific target frame of the link. For example, _blank for a new browser window or AnyName to open a window of that name. This option is not often used.

NOTE:  Fixup is required for all links within high interactivity applications.

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