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Navigating Within a Screen

When you use InvokeMethod to execute an XML command, you must also indicate the view and the applet that you want to access. For example, you might want to modify or add a record. To add a record, you must first issue the NewRecord command, and then you must indicate to which view and applet you want the record to be added. To perform an action on a screen, you must navigate to the object within the screen that is to receive the action. The following two arguments are used to navigate within a screen:

  • SWEView
  • SWEApplet

For a complete list of the view and applet names to which you can navigate, see Table 24. The example below shows how to specify the view and applet:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<EXEC PATH="/callcenter/start.swe">

<CMD NAME="SWECmd" VALUE="InvokeMethod">

<ARG NAME="SWEMethod">method name</ARG>

<ARG NAME="SWEView">view name</ARG>

<ARG NAME="SWEApplet">applet name</ARG>






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