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Defining a UI Property

A UI property is a named variable and its value. UI properties modify the display of an item in a customizable product. You define a UI property by selecting the desired item in a customizable product and then defining one or more UI properties for it.

If you are using an attribute from a line item integration component field to define the UI property, see Binding an Attribute Value to a Line Item Integration Component Field.

To define a UI property for a product

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Product screen, then the Product Definitions view.
  2. In the Products list, select and lock the desired product.
  3. In the Versions list, click the Work Space version.
  4. Click the Properties view tab.
  5. In the Explorer applet, click the name of the item for which you want to define a UI property.
  6. In Properties view, add a new record and complete the necessary fields, described in the following table.


    Enter the name of the UI property variable. The variable can be predefined or user-defined.


    Enter a value for the variable. The value can be predefined or user-defined.

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