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About Bundles as Products with Components

A bundle is a group of items sold as one product and is a special form of product with components that has the following characteristics:

  • Bundles created in Bundle Administration also display in Customizable Products, then Versions and in Customizable Products, then Structure.
  • A bundle is made up of one or more relationships that have a Product domain. Each relationship adds only one product to a bundle.
  • Bundles do not include a UI definition, configuration rules, links, resources, or scripts. Bundles do not include selection pages. Users do not configure a bundle by starting a configuration session.
  • The quantity of a product in a bundle is determined by the Default Cardinality of the product.

If you add items to a bundle that are not allowed, they are ignored. For example, if you define configuration rules for a bundle, they are ignored. When you convert bundles to regular products with components, ignored items then become effective.

If you convert a product with components to a bundle, only the items within the scope of a bundle are used. All other items, such as configuration rules, are ignored.

Regular products with components are added to quotes using Siebel EAI. Bundles are added to quotes using internal code.

For more information about bundle products, see Product Bundles.

For information about converting bundles, see:

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