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About Working with Service Providers

Agents can use Siebel Public Sector to manage service providers, to refer benefits cases to them, and to share information about these cases with them. Specifically, agents can enter information about service providers and their contracted prices, locate service providers for citizens, and create referral orders for service providers. For example, agents can use Siebel Public Sector to assign benefits cases for children in need of foster homes to service providers that provide such homes.

Service providers can access the Siebel Public Sector Provider Portal through the Web to enter profile information describing special accommodations that they provide. On this portal, they can maintain an inventory of available services that they provide. They can also work with referral orders for benefits cases by accepting the orders, putting the orders on a waiting list, or rejecting the orders. For more information about working with service providers, see the content about the Siebel Public Sector Provider Portal in Siebel Partner Relationship Management Administration Guide.

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