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About Approval Templates and Routing

Inboxes serve as a consolidated work space for all cases, leads, and incidents that are routed to the appropriate users for approval. Automatic approval routing increases the efficiency of the approval process and reduces case, lead, and incident backlog. Administrators configure approval templates to automate the routing of approvals. For more information, see Process of Setting Up Approval Templates.

Siebel Public Sector approval routing allows for a tiered hierarchy of approval, routing cases, leads or incidents to a manager, group manager, division manager, and others within the chain of approval. The approver list can also include cross-departmental approvers. For example, users might need approval from a finance manager and a case manager before making payments relating to any case. Users cannot approve their own cases, leads and incidents.

Also observe the following guidelines for approval templates:

  • If an approval template has multiple approvers with the same sequence number, then when you submit a case, lead, or incident that uses the template for approval, the case, lead or incident is routed to only one of those approvers. Consequently, make sure that approvers are appropriately ordered on the template.
  • If an approval template has no approvers, then when you submit a case, lead or incident that uses the template for approval, the case, lead, or incident is never approved because it does not appear in anyone's inbox. Consequently, make sure that all templates have at least one approver.
  • The approvers that administrators add to a template are included in the case, lead or incident when you pick the template. Any changes to the template approvers have no effect on cases, leads, or incidents for which you already selected templates.
  • If you select a different template, then the approvers for the case, lead, or incident are refreshed.

NOTE:  You must activate the PS Object Approval Main Process workflow to implement approval routing. For more information, see Activating Siebel Public Sector Workflows.

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