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Limiting Access to the Global Accounts View

It is recommended that you limit access to the My Global Accounts view for the remote client. The My Global Accounts view references tables that private dock objects use. For example, the table that the Global Account Detail - Sub Account view references is a part of the following visibility:

Dynamic Hierarchy Dock Object with Private

If the user accesses this view, then Siebel CRM might display an error message that is similar to the following message:

The selected record is not included as part of your responsibility.

The Global Accounts view is not of the All visibility type. It is recommended that the view not be available to the user. Data visibility is one of the following types:

  • Enterprise
  • Limited
  • Private

This visibility controls only data routing from the Siebel Server to the remote client. It does not control the visibility of any views on the remote client. The responsibility that Siebel CRM uses for the remote client determines if a view is visible.

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