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Running Multiple Instances of Database Extract

You can run multiple instances of the Database Extract server component. If you do run multiple instances, to reduce contention, it is recommended that you assign each task to use a different temporary name for the S_DOCK_INITM_n table. Siebel Remote supports up to 100 such tasks. The Siebel schema includes 48 S_DOCK_INITM tables. If you require more temporary tables, then you can use Siebel Tools to create them. For more information, see Parameters of the Database Extract Server Component.

To run multiple instances of database extract

  • Assign a different temporary S_DOCK_INITM_n table for the TS Table Number parameter for each instance of Database Extract that you run.

    For example, assign S_DOCK_INITM_2 for one instance, and assign S_DOCK_INITM_3 for another instance.

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