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Recovering from a Failed Local Database

The information that the local database contains is a subset of the information that the server database contains. It is not practical to backup a remote client. Any modification that the user makes on the local database since Siebel Remote performed the last docking is lost. It is strongly recommended that the synchronization with the Siebel Server runs regularly. If a laptop or local database fails, then you must reextract and reinitialize the local database.

To recover from a failed local database

If a local database becomes unusable because of a media failure or other event, then you must extract the server database for the remote client. Siebel Remote does not support restoring a local database because it might result in inconsistency between the local database and the server database.

If the remote client loses power during a merge, then the local database might be corrupted. To avoid this situation, you must make sure the remote client possesses sufficient power before doing a synchronization.

Modifications Users Have Not Synchronized

Depending on the kind of failure, if the user modifies the database or file attachments on the remote client, and if Siebel Remote has not synchronized these modifications, then these might be lost. In this situation, the user must reenter these modifications.

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