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Viewing Report Output

This topic describes how to view details about a report that finished running. The report includes the state of the data that exists when you run the report. You can view reports that:

  • You create
  • Your team members create
  • Anyone creates

Siebel CRM saves these reports in the Siebel File System. For information about how Siebel CRM determines if you can view a report, see How Siebel CRM Controls Access to Reports.

To view report output

  1. Log in to the client.
  2. Navigate to the BI Publisher Reports screen, and then the Reports view.

    You can also click My Reports in the Run Report pane.

  3. In the Reports list, click a link in the Report Name field.

    Siebel CRM displays the report according to your browser settings. For example, assume the Output Type is PDF, you use Google Chrome, and that you set up Google Chrome to download files to the following folder:

    C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\My Documents\Downloads

    In this example, Siebel CRM downloads the report file to the Downloads folder. To view the report output, you can use Windows Explorer to navigate to this folder, and then use Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the report file.

  4. In the Reports view, examine fields in the Report Parameters form using values from the following table.


    Describes the query details, including the applet search expressions, business component search expressions, and sort specifications that are active when you run the report. For example:

    'Account'.Search = "([Type] LIKE ""Residential*"")" 'Account'.Sort = "Name(ASCENDING), Location"

    For more information about search expressions and sort specifications, see Configuring Siebel Business Applications.


    A text entry field that allows you to include a description of the report.

    Start Time
    End Time

    The start and end times that indicate when Siebel CRM ran the report.

    Error Message

    Includes any error messages that occurred when Siebel CRM ran the report.

    File Size

    Describes the size of the output file, in kilobytes.

    Query String

    Displays the query you entered immediately before you ran the report.

    Report Access

    Allows you to specify other users who can access this report.


    An editable field you can use to add more descriptive information. This field is for your documentation purposes. It does not effect configuration in any way.

    Task Id

    Identifies the unique task ID of the report server request. You can use this ID to locate information that is related to this report request if you examine a log.

    View Mode

    Identifies the view mode that Siebel CRM used when it created the report. The value in this field is useful for administrators and debugging.

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