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Creating a Master-Detail Report Template in Microsoft Word

Creating a master-detail report follows the same process as creating a simple report. However, consider the following important points when creating master-detail reports:

  • Make sure that all child integration components in the integration object include the required value in the Parent Integration Component property. For more information, see How Siebel Reports Uses Integration Objects.
  • In the report template file, make sure that the correct for-each-group and for-each:current-group elements are placed in the template, see Viewing the Report Template of a Master-Detail Report.
  • When creating custom integration objects for Siebel CRM, make sure that the fields used for dynamic queries in the applet of the master component are also contained in the integration component. Dynamic queries are specific, customized queries that you create.

To create a master-detail report template in Microsoft Word

  1. Open Oracle BI Publisher Desktop in Microsoft Word, and then create a new document.

    For more information, see About Oracle BI Publisher Desktop.

  2. In the Oracle BI Publisher Desktop menu, choose Data, and then Load XML Data.
  3. Choose the XML file that contains the sample data, and then save the template in RTF format.
  4. Add titles, formatting, page header, page footer, and so on, as necessary.
  5. Add the Master data section:
    1. Insert a master data section.

      You can insert this section manually or use the Oracle BI Publisher Desktop menu, and then the Insert menu item.

    2. Choose the master data section, and then add a for-each-group section:
      • Click Insert, Repeating Group, and then the Advanced tab.

        This process embeds the for loop in the table and does not replicate the location of the controls in the predefined examples.

      • Change the expression:


    1. (Optional) If you must view descriptive text for the inserted sections, click Tools, Options, Build, and then Descriptive.
  6. Add the Detail data section:
    1. Choose the detail data section.
    2. In the Oracle BI Publisher menu, click Insert, and then Repeating Group.
    3. Choose the defaults, and then click OK.
  7. Insert a page break after the final detail section:
    1. Choose the Oracle BI Publisher properties of the entire group.
    2. Navigate to Create, Group, and then Properties.
    3. Choose a page break option.
  8. Add formatting features and conditions.

    For more information about adding features, see Viewing the Report Template of a Master-Detail Report.

  9. Register the report.

    For more information, see Registering Report Templates.

Viewing Descriptive Text for Repeating Group Sections

When you create a template that includes a repeating group section, you might find it useful to view the descriptive text for the inserted sections. Descriptive text allows you to view the Oracle BI Publisher syntax.

To view the descriptive text for the repeating group sections

  1. Open Oracle BI Publisher Desktop in Microsoft Word.
  2. In the Oracle BI Publisher application-level menu, click Options, and then Build.
  3. In the For-each form field box, choose Descriptive.
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