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Creating a Source for the Database Connector

This topic covers creation of an Oracle Secure Enterprise Search Source to integrate with the Siebel Search Database Connector. This task is executed in the Oracle Secure Enterprise Search Administration application.

This task is a step in the Process of Setting Up the Database Source and Connector.

To create a source for the Database Connector

  1. Navigate to the Sources screen.
  2. Select Database from the Source Type menu.
  3. Click Create.
  4. Complete the Database Source fields. The fields are described in the following table.

    Source Name

    The name of the Database Source. This value corresponds to the crawler connector Library name in the Siebel Search Administration Search Connector Settings view. Set the value to Database.

    Database Connection String

    The JDBC connection string for the database.

    • Set the value to jdbc:oracle:thin@<Hostname>:<Port Number>:<SID> for an Oracle database.
    • Set the value to jdbc:sqlserver://<Hostname for SQL Server.

    User ID

    User ID to log in to the database.


    Password to log in to the database.


    Query to retrieve contents for crawling.

    Query File

    Path to the XML file specifying the attribute and attachment sub queries.

    Cache File

    Absolute path and filename prefix of temporary file for caching crawled data, for example:


    Path Separator

    Path separator in the document path. Set the value to #.

  5. Click Next.
  6. Select ACLs Controlled by the Source to secure the table that is crawled.
  7. Click Create.
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